How It Works:

When Mosquitoes decide to bite:

It’s actually a pretty interesting story how mosquitoes, among other insects come to decide that they will make their next meal. Have you ever wondered why a group of people, some people just seem to be eaten alive, while others are relatively not bothered? The response can be attributed to simple biology as to continuously released compounds through the skin pores of our mosquitoes collected in such as:

  • Carbon dioxide
  • Perspiration
  • Lactic acid
  • Octanol

While the color of the clothes we wear, our body heat, and the movements we do outdoors we always put you on the radar of a mosquito, the key point to note is in fact what is released through our discharges that sends the signal of how desirable it will be our choice as a meal.

For much of analysis we have discovered a correlation between those who have a deficiency of vitamin B1 in their systems and among the most likely to be inundated with unwanted mosquitoes, ticks and flies appetite.

How the Bug patch keeps you from bug bites

The Bug patch works by providing your bloodstream with a dose of supplemental vitamin B1 directly through your skin. What this does is supply long-term doses of vitamin natural B1 in the bloodstream that is released ultimately through your skin and protects you from evasive insects such as mosquitoes, horse flies, black flies and no c ums.

Because vitamin B1 is coursing through your circulatory system this means that your entire body is covered and that no part of you will be appealing to mosquitoes and other bloodsucking pests!

What makes the Bugpatch a all natural and safe insect repellent?

Using the patch raises the level of vitamin B1 in your bloodstream where it is then released through the skin to protect you from insects. Any vitamin B1 excess will simply pass through your body and will not accumulate. The only active ingredient in the patch is vitamin B1 that leaves us with a safe and effective method of protection against insects and mosquitoes so you can enjoy summer time without failures!

How to use the Bugpatch

  • Open the main package, do not worry about jeopardizing the integrity of the other patches inside.
  • Remove the patch from its backing, place the patch in a clean, dry, hairless skin 2 hrs prior to going outdoors for complete protection so vitamin B1 has time to spread throughout the body for full body protection.

We recommend that you apply the patch on the upper arm, shoulder, lower back and lower abdomen area. Some people even put around their ankles. Generally, these areas are discrete, protected, and where hair is less abundant. If you are using multiple patches and you need to replace a patch make sure you put in a different area of the body. Do not apply another patch in same location.

Protection for 36 hours :

Less than 80 lbs : Apply one patch and remove after 36 hours.
More than 80 pounds : Apply two patches and remove after 36 hours.

Protection for 36 plus hours :

Less than 80 lbs : Apply one patch every 36 horas, apply replacement to a new area of skin.
More than 80 pounds : Apply two patches every 36 hours, apply replacement to a new area of skin.

If you are in a highly infested mosquito area we advise replacing a patch every 24 hrs for added protection.

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